Foolish or Wise?

Foolish or Wise?

Do you want to be wise or foolish?

Being wise doesn’t mean just “staying out of trouble” or “being educated, successful, and wealthy.”  A lot of people try to be wise without really knowing what is right. They follow popular opinion, and when popular opinion changes, their belief system changes. They try to achieve an invisible standard for their life that constantly changes depending on who they talk to. The Bible calls these people “foolish” because they are “tossed and blown about by every new teaching” (Eph. 4:14). They have a very unstable foundation.

Building our lives in wisdom means building our lives on the only secure foundation–Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us how to live in wisdom, how to live out our belief in Jesus, and how to honor him with our lives. Living in the wisdom of God is more than just head knowledge–it involves making decisions every day in line with the truth of His Word.

His opinion of us is the one that matters.

What does God’s wisdom look like?

Wisdom is not just knowing right from wrong but doing what is right.

Often the “wisdom” of the world is contrary to the wisdom of God. For instance, the wisdom of the world may say to get back at people who wrong you, but God teaches us to forgive. The world may tell us to hate our enemies, but God asks us to love them, even if they don’t deserve it.

Remember: Being truly wise means living according to God’s standards, not merely popular opinion.

What God wants:

  • To train you to be wise
  • To teach you what living in truth looks like
  • To show you practical ways to live according to His standards


  • What is true wisdom?
  • What steps can I take to grow in wisdom?
  • What is the difference between the “wisdom” of the world and the wisdom of God?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:

  • Prov. 9:10
  • James 3:17-18
  • Isaiah 55:8-9
  • Matthew 7:24-27

(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)


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