Fear can be crippling.

What is it that you fear? Fear is not a stranger to any of us. We may be afraid of anything–losing our loved ones, death, failure, or the unknown.

We even think of potential “what-if” scenarios to be afraid of like: “What if someone hurts me?” “What if something happens to my children?” or, “What if my family hates me forever because of what I’ve done?”

The good news is, we don’t have to live in the shame of our past or the fear of what the future may bring.

God has called us to more than that.

People try different solutions to fear. They may try to drown their fears in anti-anxiety meds, stimulants, food, friends, entertainment or drugs. However, just numbing your fear isn’t a good or a permanent solution.

The only thing that can set you free from the fear that binds you, is something that is bigger than that fear.

God is bigger than our fear.

In fact, the Bible says that God’s perfect love “casts out fear”. When we know that the Powerful God is with us, we don’t have to be afraid. He said that He is on our side and He’ll never leave us.

His love is constant. His love for us doesn’t change based on our past, present or future. His love is unconditional–not based on our performance.

Choose to believe the truth that God is for you–not against you. He will be beside you every moment, and nothing will be able to separate you from His love.

Remember: When faced with fear, choose to trust in God. Know that He is always with you. He is more powerful than anything you fear.

What God wants:

  • Give peace to your troubled heart and mind.
  • Banish any and all fear that you have.
  • Surround you with the knowledge of His presence.


  • What things do I fear?
  • How does my fear impact my daily life and my decisions?
  • Will I allow God’s presence and His love set me free from my fears?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:

  • Hebrews 13:6
  • Psalm 23:4
  • Isaiah 41:10
  • 1 Peter 5:7
  • Philippians 4:6-7

(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)


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