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Who Will You Follow?


Have you ever seen a toddler playing with his trucks in the sand when he suddenly reached down and stuffed a fistful of sand into his mouth? If you were there, you would probably shout, “Stop!! Don’t eat that!” Even though he may cry and fuss for awhile because you didn’t let him do what he wanted, you still wouldn’t change your mind. You would know that you are doing what’s best for him.

As adults, our perspective is very different from a child’s. What is obviously wrong to us may be completely oblivious to them. What looks good isn’t always good. Because God is all-knowing, He has a totally different perspective on our lives and choices than we do.

This doesn’t mean that everything we want to do is “bad,” but perhaps He wants to trade out our “good” for His “best”. What Jesus wants for us is actually for our own benefit. The reason that He gave us rules from the beginning is because He loves us and wants us to have the best life possible.

Paradigm Shift

We don’t always realize that:

  • God knows so much more than we do
  • His rules are for our benefit
  • He wants the very “best” for us

Following Jesus can be difficult at times, but it is a way that we can show Him that we love Him. When you look at it this way, His commands aren’t burdensome. In fact, they bring us blessing and life.

Remember: If you obey Him, you will walk along the best pathway for your life.

What God wants to do for you:

  • Lead you along the best pathway for your life
  • Give you peace, hope and a future
  • Bless you as you obey Him


  • Who will I choose to follow today? Myself or God?
  • Will I do what I want or what God desires for me?
  • Have I been disobeying God in any area of my life? If so, will I ask His forgiveness and choose to follow Him in this area?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:
(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)

  • Psalm 32:8-10
  • John 10:10
  • James 1:22
  • John 14:15
  • Luke 11:28


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  • John michael torremocha

    Ang hirap sundin ang pinag uutos NG Diyos na wag magkasala pero bakit sinusubukan ko parin maging mabuti

    1. Light Brings Freedom

      Opo, mahirap sundin kung sa ating sarili lamang…Pero meron pong mabuting balita. Ang mabuting balita po ay binibigyan tayo ng Banal na Espiritu ng Diyos. Ito po ang mismong espiritu na bumuhay kay Jesu-Cristo mula sa kamatayan. Makakatulong po sa inyo kung mapanuod nyo po ang episode na “Ang Sekreto: Espiritu Santo.” https://lightbringsfreedom.com/espiritu-santo/ Ang tinatawag na “buhay Kristiyano” ay imposible kung sa atin sariling kakayanan…. Buti na lang pwede po tayong humingi ng tulong sa Panginoon, at humingi na kumilos ang Kanyang espiritu sa atin. Sinasagot ng Diyos ang ating mga panalangin, at hinding hindi Niya tayo pinapabayaan!! 🙂 Please feel free to send an email kung gusto nyo po! info@lightbringsfreedom.com.

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