Surrender to Win


The word “surrender” often conjures up negative emotions. We often feel like surrendering is equivalent to “losing” or “giving up”.

When we talk about the word “surrender” spiritually, it has a beautiful meaning. Choosing to surrender to Jesus Christ means choosing to make Him the King and Lord of your life.

What does this look like practically? It means that you are no longer in the driver’s seat of your life. It means that you choose to submit to God in your decisions and the way you live. It means living according to His plan, not just your own. 

The Best Part of Surrender

God knows and wants what is best for you.

He promises that He will place godly authorities such as parents, church leaders and governmental authorities, in our lives to guide us and teach us what is right. Authorities are not a burden, but are placed by God to bless us. He places them in our lives to protect us, keep us safe and to guide us.

Many stubbornly try to live life on their own outside of God’s leadership. Unfortunately, they will have to face consequences that could have easily been avoided.

Remember: By surrendering our lives to God, we choose to let Him be the Lord of our lives.

What God wants:

  • Place godly authorities in your life to help guide you.
  • Lead you in the best pathway for your life.
  • Bless you as you surrender to Him.


  • Why does God ask us to surrender to Him?
  • What is something that I have been controlling, that I need to surrender to Him?
  • Who are the leaders and authorities that God has put in my life?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:

  • James 4:7
  • Hebrews 12:9
  • Hebrews 13:17
  • Romans 13:1
  • Ephesians 5:21

(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)


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