The Secret. The Holy Spirit.

What do you think?

Is living a Christian life difficult?

No! It’s actually impossible‚Ķ if we try to do it alone.

That’s why God gave us His Holy Spirit–one of the best secrets to the overcoming Christian life.

You can’t do it alone.

It takes humility to admit that you can’t do everything. It is humbling to admit that you don’t have all the answers; that even when you do your best, you still fall short.

Fortunately, we don’t have to live out the Christian life in our own strength. Jesus promised that He would ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to live inside of us. The Holy Spirit is God’s incredible gift to us.

Just imagine. The Holy Spirit of God– the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead–can live inside of you.

His Free Gift to Us

The incredible power of the Spirit of God is available to you. You don’t have to struggle along in constant defeat by sin. You don’t have to be a slave to your addictions. God desires for you to live in true freedom. He wants your life to be filled with his love, joy and peace. All of these things result from His Spirit living and working inside of you.

One thing you need to know: God freely gives us His Holy Spirit when we ask Him.

Remember: The Holy Spirit is the key to successfully living the Christian life. Will you ask God for the gift of the Holy Spirit today?

What God wants:

  • Fill you with His Holy Spirit.
  • Empower you to live in victory over sin.
  • Let you experience his peace, love and joy every day.


  • Have I asked God to fill me with His Holy Spirit?
  • What things in my life do I try to do in my own strength?
  • What would my life look like if I relied on the power of the Holy Spirit, instead of my own strength?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:

  • Romans 8:11
  • John 14:16-18
  • Luke 11:13
  • 2 Corinthians 3:17

(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)


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