I Forgive You

Have you been wounded?

Have you ever been wounded by a close friend? We have all been hurt at some point. Many have experienced terrible things. The truth is, how we deal with these painful past experiences greatly affects our future.

Only by forgiving others are we able to let go of the chains that bind us to our past. Three small words can set you free: “I forgive you”. What would it take for you to forgive those who have hurt you?

Some people believe that they are entitled to hold a grudge. However, holding a grudge doesn’t make you strong; it makes you bitter. Forgiving, on the other hand, doesn’t make you weak; it sets you free.

Forgiveness is a choice

Why should we choose to forgive those who have hurt us?

We choose to forgive because Jesus forgave us. He took the penalty of our sins when He died on the cross. We follow His example when we forgive others. Also, by forgiving those who have hurt us, we show Jesus that we love Him enough to obey Him even when it’s difficult.

Remember: Choosing to forgive brings personal peace and freedom from bitterness.

What God wants:

  • Forgive your sins.
  • Free you from the difficult things that have happened in your past.
  • Heal your heart from all bitterness, hatred and offense.


  • How do I typically respond when others hurt me?
  • Why should I forgive others?
  • Are there people in my life that I need to forgive?

Take a moment to hear from God:

Read the following Bible passages for the day and ask God to speak to you:

  • Romans 12:17-21
  • Matthew 6:14-15
  • Matthew 18:23-35
  • Ephesians 4:29-32

(Hover your mouse over the references to see the verses pop up)


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